Baking Ingredients


Submit a recipe for our brilliant
new cookbook!

Following the disappointment of having to cancel the Priory Calendar for this year due to the most recent lockdown, we are excited to let you know we are now creating the Priory Family Recipe Book!  

The pandemic has seen flour, eggs and sugar flying off the supermarket shelves, as we have all increasingly turned to baking as a pastime, and it has forced people - spending day after day at home - to try new recipes with the option of dining out temporarily gone! 

We want the Priory Family Recipe Book to be your go to inspiration as we move on from these difficult times! 

Rather than a simple collection of recipes, however, we really want the book to be something more than this. We want it to give a small insight into the lives of our Priory families. We would therefore love you to include a few details on the reason - or story - behind your recipe choice.  

Please use the form below to send us a recipe and grab yourself a page in the book. This can be something you have cooked/baked for as long as you can remember, a recipe that has been passed down through the generations of your family, something you have tried for the first time during lockdown, or something you have invented yourself! 

We hope to include different sections in the book so would love to see your recipes for starters, main courses, desserts, baked goodies and snacks! 

When completing the form, please ensure you include the following information:

  • Submitter’s name & contact number 

  • Child/Children at the Priory - along with year groups 

  • Dish name 

  • Ingredients 

  • Method 

  • Top Tip 

  • Story/Reasons behind your submission choice* 

  • Please also include, where possible, photographs of both the dish and your family

*The additional details you provide with the recipes will be written in a short story format to fit the space available - so please provide as much information as possible. 

Please feel free to send up to 2 completed forms (along with photographs). This will help if we have multiple submissions for similar dishes/baked goodies, and we will include as many recipes as we can in the final book.  

It is our intention to have the recipe book available to purchase as Christmas presents, so please send over your completed forms and photographs to by Wednesday 25th November. 

If you prefer to print the form and complete by hand, please feel free to take a quick pic on your phone and email that over, with your photographs.