Volunteers Packing Food


As a school at this challenging time, we are always looking for ways to support our local community. Food poverty is a high profile concern currently and one that has been discussed in the media a lot over recent weeks. Food poverty can impact on families very quickly (due to a change of financial circumstance); this may be an ongoing concern (due to levels of income); or could be a temporary situation, with families needing to isolate and not being able to physically shop for key items. For all of these reasons we are looking to raise money for any family in our local community that requires such support. 

All donations made through the website options below will be used to purchase fresh and tinned goods for families in our local community, and if there are surplus funds, food will be donated to the local food bank to spread your generosity to the wider community. 

Please donate to this worthwhile cause and help families to ensure they have enough food at this difficult time.